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Helping leaders achive great things. Boosting rmember engagement, evenue streams, member retention, and future-proofing your success. Knowledge, Methods and Solutions for Associations. Specialist services enable you to continuously improve operational performance by maximising Generative AI, digital transformation to achieve your goals sooner and with less risk, effort, and costs.
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At our core, we are dedicated to helping associations leaders optimise their operations and maximize their impact.

We bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and a proven track record to every engagement, ensuring that your association achieves its highest potential. We will provide the leadership team with best practices, methods, strategic insight for decision-making and recommendations on how to leverage your association’s assets to accomplish your goals sooner. 

We are specialists in continuous performance improvement, increasing new member acquisition, improving member retention, enhancing members' perception of value, optimising and measuring member engagement building sustainable growth through your digital transformation.

We are APMG Certified Consultants. APMG International is the most reputed Global Accreditation & Examination Institute. APMG accredits to deliver training courses and consultancy services. Certified for the methodology to develop performance measures, metrics or KPIs that are meaningful, aligned to strategy, implemented efficiently and focused on driving performance improvement.

Looking forward to partnering with you.

  • Member ENgagement Model
  • We help associations, trade associations, charted institutes, royal colleges, societies, unions, and membership organisations.
  • Knowledge, Methods and Solutions
  • Continuous performance improvements

Age of Acceleration

Many associations have served the traditional role of supporting their respective industry's or profession’s workforce pipeline through training and education. Looking to the future, associations must consider their role in becoming true strategic partners with their members in their efforts to attract and retain the next generation of professionals.


We'll help you figure out meaningful engagement scoring. Staying on top of how members perceive value is of paramount importance to your mission and growth. We all know member engagement is key, but what is it, where is it in the data, how do we know what to measure and how to measure it and turn engagement and measurement into an iterative process that gives us feedback that improves the processes, experiences, outcomes and rewards.

Case study challenges like lacking understanding of member journeys, outdated processing methods, and no visibility on market leads

"Niroo is a real innovator, working within a tight budget, he creatively delivered solutions which addressed the key bottleneck areas, improved process efficiencies and directly increased income.” Operations Director

Do more of what matters with Performance Measurement ‘Process’

We help you get results with consensus by redefining the goals that really matter. We map the pathways and align the critical activities needed to ensure you reach your goals with ease. “The diagnostics report and the workshop was very well done, all eleven members of my management team found it very informative, helpful and invaluable.” Chief Executive Officer, RCEM

" Success for this complex project was made possible because of the hands-on support, guidance and action we had from Niroo Rad, a senior consultant with tons of experience at 5StarPerformance consulting.” CFO

Case study for planning improving accelerating good to great performance by maximising digital transformation to achieve your goals sooner with less effort and costs.