Solutions Centre - generating significant recurring income

Solutions Centre - generating significant recurring income

Solution Centre is an online showcase solution that allows you to host exhibitor, sponsor, and partner listings that include products, services, images, documents and videos in a centralised location for members to find and engage with.

This year-round offering allows vendors to manage their own content and include up to five call-to-action banners for on-demand servicing and real-time engagement during your live or virtual events.

This multimedia offering makes it easy for your members to search, find, and research new solutions, while providing your sponsor, exhibitors, vendors, or partners, with measurable results.

We can help win more sponsorship income. See a live client example here.

How Associations Can Win More Sponsorship Income

To unlock sponsor wallets, associations and membership organisations need to entice sponsors back to the decision-making table with new initiatives that align with changing sponsor needs. Marketing budgets are at their lowest levels in recent history, so it's imperative to ensure that sponsorship programs are aligned as closely as possible with sponsors' needs.

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Simple, powerful and purpose-built for associations and membership organisations.