Acumen - predictive analytics purpose built solution for association

Acumen - predictive analytics purpose built solution for association

Acumen is the purpose-built software for bringing together and visualising all your data to inform strategy and decisions. Acumen is a cloud-based platform for analytics and business intelligence.


Now everyone on your team can get a true 360-degree view of your organisation with real-time data, available any time, on any device.


Acumen uses the market leader for data visualisation, Microsoft Power BI. Our solution is scalable for any need and produces modern, impressive data visualizations that can be customised to fit your business objectives.


We have a team of certified professionals and experts in data who have extensive experience working directly with associations to manage analytics. This reduces risk, saves time, and allows customers to stay on top of technology trends and focus their time on analysis, rather than data wrangling.


  • Association Analytics UK
  • Acumen Events Analytics
  • Acumen Purpose-built Analytics for associations and membership organisations
  • Visualise and list all of your data in one place


Learn how to love your data and use it to discover the powerful insights hiding in it.

Association Analytics eBook

This guide will walk you through a framework for thinking about analytics and show you how to use it to discover powerful, hidden insights to help move your association/membership organisation forward. By the time you’re through it, we hope you’ll join us in our data-loving state of mind.