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Empowering events, connecting people - Experience the power of a white-label, customisable event platform that puts community at its core. We introduce to you Floq - our latest and greatest event platform that gives you the freedom to shape your events, receive exceptional support, and engage your audience like never before. Break boundaries, inspire collaboration, and unlock the true potential of your gatherings with Floq.
Binckhorstlaan 36 - Unit M2.18, The Hague, Netherlands, 2516BEJelmer van Ast, CEO and Founder

At Conference Compass we develop inclusive mobile and virtual event platforms that serve events building and engaging their community as one. Founded in 2010, we have continually proven to be an industry leader for high-quality mobile apps. Our clients are the largest medical and scientific societies worldwide who value our specialisation in their field and our commitment to offering not only the best possible platform but a truly engaging user experience as well. We create apps that are:  

  • Customisable a fully white-label platform, which allows you to include your brand identity into every aspect of your event. Create a unique and recognisable experience that resonates with your audience, from branding elements to tailored features.
  • Accessible from all devices  Your audience can effortlessly connect to the event platform from any device. Whether on-the-go on the phone at an event venue, or from the comfort of desktop for a virtual or hybrid event - it’s all a click away. 
  • Versatile for all clients We have done conferences, trade shows, corporate events, community gatherings: one platform that can be suited to handle your event and your needs. Community and information are key. 
  • Enhance audience engagement A feature rich platform that goes beyond event management. We listen to our clients and their wants and needs and create features to serve accommodate those best.


See our platform in action ?

One platform: endless possibilities. See the way that our platform can elevate your event and enhance the experience of your audience.

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  • Conference Compass Gallery Image

Organising an event?

Learn how an event app can not only add to, but transform your event and the way that your audience engages with it. Download this guide that we have made just for you!