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iFINITY - your partner in digital evolution. We use the latest, feature-rich, cross-departmental cloud software solutions to help you maximise your association’s engagement, utility, and value to members. We streamline, automate, and improve accessibility to your data, business processes, and member experience in practical ways that make sense to your organisation and membership. We consult with you to drive tangible performance improvement in your operations and member engagement. Spun out of association specialist accountants HW Fisher in 1994, we are the premier AiSP (Authorised iMIS Solutions Provider) for the UK and Europe, closely partnered with ASI (the developer of iMIS); no one else in this market has the depth of experience and resources for implementing the most comprehensive iMIS EMS systems and integrations. Let us be your partner on your digital journey. From your initial transformation to every step of your digital evolution, we are here to provide expert services and consultancy.

34A Waterloo Road Unit 3 Strata House, London, NW2 7UHRussell Franks+44 (0) 208 962 0325

iMIS EMS With comprehensive, integrated, cloud-based solutions across your operations out of the box, cutting-edge analytics and reporting capabilities, and a single, real-time database accessible to all your departments, the iMIS Engagement Management System offers a more unified knowledge base and a richer set of tools than ever. Xero Accounting Integration to iMIS iFINITY offers a cutting-edge iMIS to XERO accounting integration module, catering to the increasing shift of associations towards cloud-based accounting solutions. As traditional systems fade, XERO is popular among iMIS users due to its robustness and user-friendly interface. Our API-based integration module facilitates seamless communication between your iMIS and XERO software, ensuring a secure and efficient data transfer through both APIs. ASI Integrated Product series iFINITY is proud to offer ASI's latest systems, which integrate seamlessly with iMIS EMS and your consolidated database. As a result, your organisation can broaden its capabilities and gain deeper insights into how your members engage with your services.   Clowder   Clowder is a versatile mobile app platform designed to serve your organisation throughout the year. It replaces the need for one-time event apps, fosters meaningful connections among members, offers an additional communication channel for your members, and opens opportunities for generating additional advertising revenue.   TopClass   TopClass Learning Management System is a highly regarded education platform that enables your association to enhance its online learning offerings and remain competitive in the lifelong learning market. It offers flexibility to meet your current organisational needs while accommodating growth as your programs expand.   OpenWater   OpenWater is a prominent platform widely embraced by academic and professional associations in the UK. It effectively manages awards, grants, scholarships, fellowships, abstracts, and more. Integrated with iMIS and featuring its own built-in Conference app, OpenWater provides unmatched functionality to streamline your academic processes.   SpaceMaster   Boost Non-Dues Revenue with iMIS Advertising powered by SpaceMaster. Whether you manage your advertising in-house or through a media agency, iMIS Advertising tracks every detail that matters, including analytics, media order management, media asset management, production management, sales commissions, and billing. Letting you use your space to maximise your revenue growth intelligently.

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