Event Insurance

Who is responsible when things go wrong at your events? Do you already have a partner that helps you to protect your events? Arc International is an Event Insurance Specialist that arranges cover for organisers and suppliers in all sectors of the global events industry, primarily providing protection for organisers of conferences, exhibitions, meetings, product launches, festivals etc. The cover offered can be tailored to accommodate specific customer needs and includes protection against risks such as cancellation/ abandonment, public /employers liability, loss or damage to property owned or hired- In and terrorism. Professional Indemnity cover is also available for Associations and companies such as PCOs, DMCs and other intermediary agents acting on behalf of clients. We understand the challenges you are facing with insurance cover and the impact it will have on events. We are very conscious of the needs and various risks relating to all sectors of the global events industry. Apart from arranging cover competitively priced, we also offer assistance in respect of risk management and contractual issues relating to insurance and indemnity clauses. It is worth bearing in mind that generous premium discounts can be offered when it can be demonstrated to underwriters that a robust health and safety process is in place.